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Well, Today WhatsApp has become an inseparable part of our life. And it won't wrong if I say we can't imagine our life without Whatsapp. Whatsapp as made many things easier to use for us, and also connect us with our friends even from a far distance. Whenever we talk about Social Media, Whatsapp often comes into our mind. Isn't it? Just like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Whatsapp is also one of the most popular social networking sites. WhatsApp is a freeware, cross-platform messaging platform owned by Facebook. It permits users to send text messages and voice messages, build voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other media. The service needs users to supply a customary cellular mobile range for registering with the service. 

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What is a Whatsapp Status?

A great thing about Social Media platform is that they give us full freedom to interact, share anything with our friends, to make ourself special like celebrities, and most importantly they give us a chance to add, change and delete a status, captions, and bios to our profile anytime we want to make our profile more special. Isn't it? Just like any other social media platforms Instagram also gives us an option to add a caption and bios to our profile.

What is a Whatsapp Status and Bios?

Well, a Whatsapp Status is some text you can add to your profile. A caption can be anything, maybe it's about your activities like what are you doing right now, maybe it's about your feelings and emotions at the moment or anything else you want to caption.

Also, just like Whatsapp Caption, A Whatsapp Bios can be anything you want on your profile. But a Whatsapp Bios describes you. It is shown on your profile, and tell about yourself to others who visit your profile, So bios can be anything you want to show about yourself on your profile to others.

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Categories of Whatsapp Captions.

We often search on the internet about Best Whatsapp Status from different categories. There are many kinds of Whatsapp Status, it depends on us what type of Whatsapp Caption we want to upload on our profile. These status categories are like:

Attitude Caption & Status
Funny Status
Cool  Captions
Love Status
Happy Birthday Status
Hindi Status
One-Line Captions
Best Friends Status
Success Status And Quotes
Caption For Boys 
Caption For Girls 
Motivational And Inspirational Quotes

These are some different categories of Whatsapp status, you can choose any type of caption for your profile depends on you.

How to edit, change, Delete  Whatsapp Status and Bios.

Yes, now you can change, edit, or delete any status from your Whatsapp profile. Also, you can easily update your Whatsapp Bios to a newer one. If you want to know more about Whatsapp like how to create a Whatsapp account, how to edit, change, and delete a Whatsapp Status and Whatsapp Bios, etc. Click Here

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Privacy: How to add privacy to your Whatsapp Status?

Nowadays, there are many peoples in this world and also on social media who don't like you or you don't like them. Social Media Privacy has become more relevant for everyone who uses social media. Adding privacy to your Whatsapp Account and status is really a good step. Sometimes we don't want some peoples to access our profile, or see our status. In that case, adding privacy to your account or adding privacy to status is a great idea. You can Add Privacy To Your Whatsapp Account and add privacy to Whatsapp Status on your profile. It all depends up to you what you want to do with your account.

These are some important things about Whatsapp and Whatsapp Status. I have covered as much I could. I'll keep updating this.

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