151+ Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Couples In 2021

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The Wedding Anniversary is one of the most memorable days in one's life. On that special day, we wish the couple's Wedding Anniversary. 

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Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Couple

May the love you share become stronger as both of you grow old together,
I wish you a lifetime of happiness together. Happy wedding anniversary!

Wishing a perfect pair a perfectly happy day.

Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful couple. 
You both mean the world to us and we are so incredibly happy for you.

To the most beautiful woman who has given me, 
the most beautiful life, a very happy anniversary.

The two of you shine with the love you share for each other. 
May that light gets ever brighter on your wedding anniversary 
and every year that goes by.

My favorite couple is having their anniversary,
Your love is my biggest inspiration.

To another year of sharing sunsets and dreams.

May your love continue to hold strong and grow with the passing of the ages.
Happy Anniversary!

Three cheers for the most wonderful couple who brightens our lives each day. 
May this Anniversary bring gladness and well-being your way.

While your memory may grow shorter as the years pass by, 
I’m sure that your love for each other will continue to grow to keep up. 
Happy anniversary!

wedding anniversary wishes

Wishing you all the happiness and love in the world
 and congratulations on your anniversary.

 You two set a perfect meaning of wedding for one and all around. 
You two make a perfectly ideal couple. Happy anniversary to guys.

You have shared so much love and giggles over your years together,
 and I know there will be a lot more euphoric minutes in your future.
 I wish you all the joy imaginable on your wedding anniversary,
 and on each wedded day to come.

Cheers for your special day. Happy Anniversary.

Here’s to another year of being great together.

I’m thankful to God for sending you into my life. 
I’m thankful to you for holding my hands forever.
 Happy anniversary dear I love you.

Best wishes on your anniversary, You remind me of sugar and honey.
 You are both too sweet for words, Love to you on your special day.

When love is true, there is no end. 
I hope we get to celebrate for many years to come. 
Happy anniversary!

 May the love you feel for each other on your wedding anniversary,
 grow ever stronger and more fulfilling as the years go by.

Happy anniversary! Congratulations on another year spent together.
 May your life continue to be filled with love, laughter, and happiness.

marriage anniversary wishes

The best things in life are better with you. 
Our years of marriage have taught me to treasure every moment.

Every anniversary of yours is a special milestone,
You don’t need to wait for your 25th or 50th,
 anniversary to celebrate a milestone in your life.

Congratulations on another wonderful year of falling in love with each other. 
Happy Anniversary!

Your anniversary began with a promise. 
May that promise continue to strengthen with each passing year.

Happy anniversary! I hope that your love will only strengthen with time, 
that it will inspire us all and that it guides the way toward providence.

Looking at divorced couples make me feel that marriages are ephemeral. 
But you both have proved that marriages are truly eternal. Happy anniversary.

May the warmth of your relationship continue to grow each day of your life. 
Happy first anniversary to both of you.

 Wishing an ideal pair an ideal day.

It's time to celebrate all over again. Happy Anniversary!

happy anniversary wishes

Happy [21st] anniversary, you old lovebirds.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Parents

May this day bring countless joy to your life.
 May the coming years of your life be spent,
in loving and caring for each other. Happy anniversary!

May you two lovebirds enjoy each other’s company today and always.
 Best wishes on your wedding day!

I want to love you, adore you, take care of you and make
you the happiest person there ever was for all of the time.

I hope every day you share together is more beautiful than the last.
Happy anniversary.

Anyone can fall in love, but not everyone can stay in love.
 happy anniversary.

Finding the right person can be difficult, 
but I knew from the first moment it was you.

Wishing you another wonderful year of marriage bliss together.
Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Even though another year has passed, the love you share continues to last. 
Sending all my best wishes that you will continue to be blessed in love and happiness.

I wish both of you a thousand years of happy married life. 
May the joy of this day stay with forever and until the last breath.
 Happy wedding anniversary.

It warms my heart to see that your hearts are burning,
 even brighter than they did last year. Happy anniversary.

marriage anniversary message

Sending you warm wishes on your anniversary,
 may you continue to grow older and happier together.

May your life offers you a lot of love, patience, joy, fun, and romance,
 for each other and every moment of your life be filled with happiness. 
Happy first anniversary to both of you.

Wishing an ideal pair an ideal day.

Here's wishing you another year of true love. Happy Anniversary.

Hope you find time to look back on all your sweet memories together.

I wish both of you a thousand years of happy married life.
 May the joy of this day stay with forever and until the last breath.
 Happy wedding anniversary.

Happy Wedding Anniversary,
 Best wishes to you both on your wedding day, 
may you celebrate in style! Cheers.

I didn’t think it was possible to love you any more than I did the day I married you, 
but somehow my love only grows. I love you today and always.

May the love you have shared in your first five years,
 of marriage grow stronger as you grow old together,
Happy anniversary here’s to everything you have to come.

Sometimes your marriage is slow like Waltz, sometimes it is peppy like Salsa, 
sometimes it is hot like Tango and sometimes it is soulful like Jazz, 
cheers to the couple who can dance to any rhythm of life. Happy anniversary.

happy wedding anniversary

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. 
Warmest Wishes and Happy Anniversary.

I can’t count the blessing in my life without counting you twice, 
because your presence in my life doubled the joy in my life.
Happy Anniversary my lovely wife.

Throughout the ages, numerous people have searched,
 but have never found such a love as the two of you share,
May you be continually blessed with great love and happiness. 
Happy Anniversary.

I am really happy that you two have spent one more year of sweet married life.
May the love and affection you have for each other continue to grow in the coming years.

They say that “falling in love is easy but holding onto that love is hard” 
but you guys seem to have found a winning shortcut.

Some of the best memories of a couple are not just the magic,
 of their first few kisses but the magic they create every time,
they kiss for the rest of their lives. Happy anniversary.

 No other relationship is lovely, friendly, and charming, then a good marriage. 
Happy Anniversary to both of you!

You two sparkle with the adoration you share for one another.
 May that light gets even more brilliant on your wedding anniversary 
and consistently that passes by.

Best wishes to the best couple I know. Happy Anniversary.

wedding anniversary message

Can’t believe it’s been [three] years already. Here’s to many more.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Sister

May God almighty, with his divine power and grace, 
make your bond stronger and make it last forever. 
I wish both of you a happy married life. Happy anniversary.

Your marriage makes the world just a little bit brighter and a heck of a lot happier.
 Your love and joy are contagious! May God bless you both on your beautiful day.

Happy anniversary to the only person in the world that I want beside me every day
 and every night for the rest of my life. I love you, sweetheart. Happy anniversary.

 One year You made it. Happy first wedding anniversary to a beautiful couple.
here’s to many, many more.

For some couples, being perfect means being flawless. But for a beautiful one like you, being perfect means accepting each other’s flaws. Happy anniversary.

Love is a friendship set to music. And you two seem to love the band. Congrats!

My heart is perfect because You are inside Happy Anniversary.

Sending all my love and best wishes as you celebrate, 
another year of love and affection for one another. 
May you love to continue to hold strong 
and grow with the passing of the ages. 
Happy Anniversary.

The wrinkles on your faces are not signs of how much you have aged, 
but how beautifully your marriage has survived the test of time. 
Happy wedding anniversary.

The real secret to a prosperous, joyful marriage is the components. 
The fact you two remain together is proof that you were made for one another.

happy wedding anniversary wishes

It feels like as the years go by, each one gets a little bit better.
 I love being married to you and I wish you the happiest of anniversaries.

 Your story started with a simple ring, you two became husband and wife,
 and then you progressed to being parents’ and you are still best friends for life. 
Happy Anniversary to you both

 May the affection you feel for one another on your wedding anniversary 
develop even further and all the more satisfying as the years pass by.

This special day is reserved just for you. Happy Anniversary

Love and much happiness to one of our all-time favorite couples.

My love for you will never fade. 
I have loved you in all those years 
and I’ll love you till my last breath. 
Happy anniversary sweetheart.

When God brought two incredible people together and made them into one,
 he released so much joy and happiness into this world. I can’t imagine it, 
any other way. Best wishes to you on your wedding anniversary.

I’m so excited about the future because
 I can’t wait to make all of our dreams come true. 
Happy anniversary and cheers to many more.

You make this marriage thing look easy. Here’s to another 20 years.

Congratulations on your anniversary.
 Many best wishes and blessings as you continue walking
 life’s paths hand-in-hand and heart-in-heart.

happy marriage anniversary wishes

Best Wishes to a beautiful couple.
May the freshness of your love remain in your hearts forever.

The first few years of marriage are likely to be the best.
It is only later that life becomes a test. But the love between you both
makes you better than the rest. Happy Anniversary.

True love never dies, it only grows stronger and truer with the passing of time.
 It’s clear to see that your love is the strongest and truest kind. Happy Anniversary.

You two were made for each other and nothing else matters. 
Wishing you the best wedding anniversary ever.

Whenever I ponder the merits of getting married, 
you two are the first example I think of. With that said,
 here’s to your continued example.

Wishing you cheers and much happiness as you celebrate
 another year of your wonderful journey together.

A very, very happy marriage anniversary to both of you. 
May you two get many more years to celebrate this day together. 
 Happy Anniversary to you both.

Congrats on one more year of falling further enamored with one another. 
Happy wedding anniversary wishes from me.

wedding anniversary greetings

Thanks for being the big spoon to my little spoon.


Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Brother

Warmest wishes to the wonderful two of you on your [sixth] anniversary.

I’m so much happy to have you in my life. Thank you for everything.
 Happy Anniversary wishes to my lovely wife.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to the best couple that I know.
May your life together always be incredible.
May you always have mutual admiration and respect for one another.

I believe everything happens for a reason because it led me to you.
 I love you, happy anniversary.

 To another year walking life’s path hand-in-hand and heart-in-heart.

Anniversaries are reminders of the promises that couples have fulfilled in the past, 
the ones they are making in the present and those that are in store for the future.
 Cherish this milestone date and make yet another beautiful promise as you celebrate 
your wedding anniversary.

Love puts a twinkle in your eye and a smile in your heart.
 Congratulations on your married years.

An Anniversary Message You're such a special couple
 whose happiness is clear to see With a love and understanding
 that was always meant to be.

Like wine, marriage can be sweet or bitter, intense or mellow, flat or acidic.
 But a couple like you enjoys all its flavors, whether dull or romantic.
 Happy anniversary.

Our best wishes to a couple most beautiful.
 May your anniversary celebration be just as beautiful as you both.

wedding anniversary wishes for husband

Anniversaries serve as a reminder of personal milestones. 
In this particular case, we are here to bask in the continued 
the happiness of two humans deserving it.

Wishing that you two will grow even closer together with each passing day. 
Happy anniversary.

. Happy Wedding Anniversary to both of you.
 May you two celebrate many more years of togetherness 
with your love getting stronger and stronger with each passing day.

I trust each day you share together is more lovely than the last.
 Happy wedding anniversary wishes 2020.

Another year past and I'm still achin' for your bacon.

Happy Anniversary, with all my love, to the strongest,
 kindest, funniest, best guy I know.

Here is to a tremendous couple on your wedding anniversary.
 You are the epitome of true love. Thank you for showing all of us 
that the right person is out there.

Forever wouldn’t be long enough with you. Happy anniversary, with all my love.

Even after so many years together, you can still see that giddy first love in your eyes.
 You’re an example to all of us, and long may you continue to be.

Like wine, marriage can be sweet or bitter, intense or mellow, flat or acidic. 
But a couple like you enjoys all its flavors, whether dull or romantic.

marriage day wishes

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, 
but always with the same person.

You too were made for each other and nothing else matters.
Wishing you the best anniversary ever.

Parties, dinners, and get-together we have many selfish reasons to gather and wish you both a great marriage ahead. Happy anniversary.

Happy Wedding Anniversary! You two make such a lovely pair, 
you make everyone jealous! Happy anniversary to the most awesome, 
fun, and quirky married couple I know.

A wedding anniversary is more than just an annual event.
 It also serves as a reminder of when two friends found happiness.

Your dreams, ambitions, and hopes for the future may not be always the same.
 But the beauty of your marriage is that you both live to make each others’ 
dreams come true. Happy anniversary to a perfect couple.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to the most special couple.
 Together you two create magic and I wish you two never lose this connection.

You make this marriage thing look simple! Here's to an additional 20 years.

marriage anniversary greetings

You are and will always be my happy place.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

Every day I’m still discovering new things about you to love.

There’s nothing as wonderful as seeing a happily married pair. 
Your happiness always reflects by the smile on your face and the delight in your eyes
 Happy wedding anniversary!

Wishing a couple who I greatly admire and respect, 
a very Happy Wedding Anniversary.
 You are both incredibly gracious and dignified.
 May you have a multitude of wonderful years together.

Having you by my side makes me the happiest, 
most grateful and luckiest person in the world.
 Happy anniversary to my soul mate.

Here’s to a wonderful year past and an exciting one to come. 
Bring on the next every day is a chance to make your dreams come true.

Love does not consist of gazing at each other, 
but in looking outward together in the same direction.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Best wishes to you both on this momentous occasion. Congratulations!

May each new day you share be even more beautiful than the last. 
Happy Anniversary

I love to see couples who love each other blindly.
 A year has passed and your love is still the same for each other. 
May your every day be like your wedding day. Happy anniversary.

Your anniversary is proof that the love between two people thrives under the care
 and mutual understanding, it isn’t something that thrives on material wealth.

wedding anniversary wish

You had turned my life into a poem And its rhythm makes my dears and nears
to rejoice ever and ever Happy Anniversary to you

 Another year has passed and you both kept proving to us all that love
 you share is real Happy Wedding Anniversary to a special couple.

To one more year strolling life's way connected at the hip and heart-in-heart.

Sleeping by your side guarantees sweet dreams.

“It’s our [fourth] wedding anniversary and our first as parents.
 I’m so grateful to be sharing this adventure with someone so wonderful, 
and I look forward to all the love, laughter, and wonder ahead for us.

Happy wedding anniversary. 
I wish you many more years like this one ahead in your life.

To an amazing couple who shows us all what true love is meant to be. 
May your days be filled with peace and your nights be filled with joy. 
Happy anniversary, you two.

Sometimes I wonder how you put up with me, 
but then I remember that I put up with you too,
 so that makes us even. I love you.

You’re both weird. Congratulations on being made for each other.

The heart wants what it wants. There’s no logic to these things.
 You meet someone and you fall in love and that’s that. Woody Allen.

marriage anniversary status

May you both enjoy hearts full of memories.

May your love continue to bloom in all its glory for many more years to come.
Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Happy Wedding Anniversary. May your appetite for each other’s love and company always remain insatiable. Congrats!

As you guys celebrate another year of wedding bliss, remember to give yourself
 a chance to reflect upon all the joyous steps that brought you here.

For some people, a perfect marriage is a myth, fairytale, legend, fable, or false hope. 
But for me, it is a real thing that exists between you both. Happy anniversary.

 You two are not just any other beautiful couple.
 But, in your chemistry, there is something special.

 Here's to a superb year past and an energizing one to come. 
May all your dreams come true.

Happy anniversary to the love of my life and 
here's to many more years of happiness to come.

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