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Love Status

Love Status,

 Best Love Status For Whatsapp

  • Don't search for love, search for someone who makes you happy!
  • I love things that make you happy!
  • Sooner or later that happiness will evolve into love.
  • The all I need is you!
  • You are what I need in my life.
  • When I meet you, I found myself!
  • Every time I see you I fall in love all over again.
  • Love is like an Air... We can’t see it but! we can feel it.....
  • I want to be in your arms, where you hold me tight and never let me go.
  • Hey you. Yeah, you. I love you.
  • Love Has No Age, No Limit & No Death!!!
  • If love was a storybook, we’d meet on the very first page.
  • Every moment I spent with you.. is like a beautiful dream come true.
  • True Love = No doubts + No jealousy + No worries = Life is Good! (Love Dtatus In English)
  • When love is not madness, It is not love.
  • The heart that loves, stays always young.
  • My first thought in the morning is always you.
  • Experience has shown me that you can lust over many, but only truly love one person.
  • I don’t like waiting, I’m so impatient. But I’ll wait forever, as long as I end up with you.
  • You are the light of my life. I Love You.

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Best Whatsapp Love Status

  • The good things in life are better with you!
  • I love you like a love song.
  • Love never fails and when it fails in life, then it is not love!
  • There’s only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you – I Love You
  • Love is like the sun which coming out from the clouds and warming your soul.
  • It doesn’t matter where I am. I’m yours.
  • If I know what is love, It is because of you.
  • If you were thinking about someone while Studying you’re definitely in Love…...!
  • My heart is perfect because.. you are inside.
  • Everyone says you fall in love only ones, but I fall daily with the same person. 
  • My love for you is a journey that starts at forever and ends at never in Life…
  • Love is just love, It Can Never Be Explained.
  • I belong to you. I’ve belonged to you since the beginning, since before I ever knew that I did.
  • My “Heart” is always yours! (love yourself quotes)
  • Nothing is fine, but when I’m with you everything is fine.
  • True love has a habit of coming back.
  • I got lost in you, and it’s the kind of lost that’s exactly like being found.
  • There is No Scale To Measure the love…...!
  • Even on bad days, I'll still be happy with you.
  • Thousands of smiles have crossed my face all thanks to you. It’s amazing how in one second, love can make you smile, laugh, cry and feel complete.
  • You are my favorite distraction.
  • Love is cute when it’s new, but love is most beautiful when it last.
  • If you are not interested then don’t cheat him.. Better leave him.

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Whatsapp Love Status,

 Love Status In English

  • Thank you for coming into my life. For letting me feel this love that I have for you. Because not everybody is as lucky as I am… To be loved by you!
  • You Are the perfect combination of Sexy & Cute.
  • What does being in love and being drunk have in common? You will lose all control over what you do.
  • Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.
  • You are one of those beautiful things that happened to my life and made my life worthwhile.
  • Better to be alone than being with some1 who makes u feel alone.
  • Some kisses are given with eyes.
  • Everyone has an Addiction, Mine just happens to you.
  • Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
  • Every friendship doesn't change into love but every love begins with friendship. (best love quotes)
  • Love me 4 a second and I’ll love you forever.
  • No matter where you go or what you do, my love will follow you to the ends of the earth.
  • I could spend hours looking at you and your smile.
  • I always pray to God to tie us in a sacred knot so that we spend each and every moment together.
  • Love + Trust + Loyalty = Unbreakable Relationship.
  • Did YOU know I really love the 2nd word of this question?
  • So many of my smiles begin with you.
  • Love is the beginning of everything in life; it leads to unimaginable happiness.
  • True love is when she talks non- stop and you are still interested in listening to her.
  • When I’m sad don’t look at me – just kiss me!

Love Whatsapp Status,

 Love Status For Whatsapp

  • You and I make a wonderful ‘WE’!
  • I love you to the infinity and beyond!!
  • I need you like a heart needs a beat.
  • All of me loves all of you.
  • We go together like copy and paste.
  • I need you. I want you. And I love you.
  • Come live in my heart, and pay no rent.
  • I love you because you are the lover of my soul!!!
  • My real smile comes when I am with you.
  • I'd look good on you! (cute quotes)
  • I didn’t choose you, My heart did.
  • Be with me darling, Early And Late!
  • Love is a policy, without terms and conditions.
  • I Said My Heart Beats For You!
  • I love my life because it’s you.
  • Happily Ever After.
  • Love is like a baby, it needs to be treated gently.
  • I'm a hard person to love. But when I love, I Love Really Hard!
  • Some love one, some love two. I love one that is you
  • Single and PROUD!
  • Your love is all I need to feel COMPLETE!

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Status For Love,

 Beat Love Status, Love Status 2020

  • I know I’m not your first love but I hope I will be the last for you.
  • The only thing I want to change about you is that ringless finger on your left hand.
  • The attraction is the "Temporary Love" But love is the "Permanent Attraction".
  • I am a strong person but every now and then I also need someone to take my hand and say everything will be alright.
  • When you say ‘I love you’, you are making a promise with someone else’s heart. Try to honor it.
  • I love our story. Sure it’s messy, but it’s the story that got us here. (cute quotes)
  • Those random kisses on my forehead and the way you smile every time you see me, that means the world to me.
  • Love is like Wi-Fi, You can't see it, but you know when you've lost it.
  • I could never say how much I like you, and just how special you are to me. But I can say that my world is full of smiles whenever I am with you. I love you a lot.
  • Missing someone is your heart’s way of reminding you that you love them.
  • True love is falling star ….We Don’t Know How When & Where It Happens.
  • I am in love with your smile, your voice, your laugh, your eyes. But most of all, I am in love with you.
  • When you love someone, you just do. There Are No But’s, No Maybe’s & No Why’s.

Love Status For Him, 

 Best Love Status For Whatsapp

  • Every day of my life is perfect because it starts & ends with loving you.
  • Have I mentioned today how lucky I am to be in love with you?
  • I’m technically single because my heart is taken by someone I can’t call my own.
  • I don’t care if we talk about absolutely nothing, I just want to talk to you.
  • Without you, I’m nothing, with you, I’m something. Together, We’re Everything.
  • I am so very blessed that the universe brought us together. I love you to the moon and back.
  • I just want you to be happy, Even if I’m not the reason behind that happiness.
  • I love life because it has brought me to you; I love you because you have shown me life.
  • If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be. (love quotes for boys)
  • I choose you. And I’ll choose you over and over and over. without a pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you.
  • A true man does not need to love a different girl each and every night, a true man loves the same girl for the rest of her life.
  • I just want to thank you for being my reason to look forward to the next day.

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Girls Love Status,

 Love Quotes For Her,  Love U Status 

  • I want to be the girl who makes your bad days better. The girl that makes you say ‘My life has changed since I met her.’
  • Things happen for a reason… you are a true blessing for me. I love you.
  • I know I’m being cheesy but It’s true I'll never find anyone quite like you.
  • You are the prince I’ve dreamt of finding ever since I was a little girl
  • It may seem impossible to you, but no one in the world has loved you as much as I do at this very moment.
  • He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.
  • You’re the only man I dream about at night, and the only man I want to wake up next to in the morning.
  • Love doesn't make the world go around. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
  • You have no idea how good it feels to wake up every morning knowing you are mine and I am yours.
  • I love you, baby. You’re so amazing that I can’t picture(imagine) my life without you!
  • I got lost in him, and it’s the kind of lost that’s exactly like being found. (self love quotes)
  • You bring out the best in me. No other boyfriend would bring out my colors as well as you do.
  • You are my life. You are my hopes. You are my inspiration. You are my 'Everything'.
  • My favorite place in the world is lying in your arms, gazing into your beautiful eyes.

Status About Love,

 Whatsapp Status For Love

  • When I look into your eyes I tend to lose thoughts.
  • From the moment we started talking I knew that I wanted you around.
  • I fell in love because of your smile, but I stayed in love because of your heart.
  • You think you’re one of the millions but you’re one in a million to me.
  • Don’t love too much, don’t care too much, don’t trust too much; because that too much can hurt you too much....!
  • I want to run away with you. Where there is only you and me.
  • Yes, I’m thinking about you right now.
  • If you really love someone, Don't tell them, Show them.
  • I think a happy soul is comprised of two people’s hearts that have melted together in love. (true love quotes)
  • If you expect something in return, It’s called business, not love.
  • True love doesn’t have a happy ending …it has no ends.
  • I want you today and tomorrow and next week and for the rest of my life.
  • Give me a kiss, and I’ll serenade you among the stars. Give me your love, and I will pluck each star to set at your feet.
  • I’m a lover, not a fighter, But I'll Fight For What I Love.
  • I fell in love with u, I don’t know why or how. I just did.
  • The goal is to laugh with someone you take seriously.
  • Easy to begin, but very hard to stop loving someone you loved.
  • I don't hate people, I just love people who love me!
  • Love is when I find a reason to live. That Reason Is You.
  • If someone asked me to describe you in just 2 words, I’d say… ‘Simply Amazing’

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I Love You Quotes

 Miss You Quotes, Broken Heart Quotes

  • If a kiss could tell you how much I love you, I am sure we would be kissing forever.
  • Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy.
  • If explanations are needed then what is the 'Meaning Of Trust'.
  • I don’t even know why I like you. But I just do.
  • A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.
  • I’m in love with you, and nobody stops loving you…
  • You are my life. You Are The Only Thing It Would Hurt To Lose.
  • I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you.
  • Touching your lips. Holding your hand. Hugging you at night. That is what I picture when I say “I love you
  • Love isn’t complicated… People are.
  • Time goes by a very slower when you miss someone who loves you.
  • Never pass up the chance to say “I love you” because tomorrow isn’t promised.
  • A silent hug means a thousand words to the unhappy heart.
  • No matter how sad you may be, Believe That Happiness Is Waiting.
  • I would rather sleep on your chest than a hundred pillows.
  • If a hug tells how much I love you, I would hold you in my arms forever. (valentines day quotes)
  • Love is master key of opening a gate of happiness…
  • You’re my 'Everything'. Everything Else Is Just…..Everything Else!
  • My love is unconditional, My trust & my respect is not.
  • Now and forever. These are the two things I think about when I say “I love you.
  • A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T V W X Y Z….. Did I miss anything? Oh yes, I miss U.

Love Captions, 

 Love Quotes, Status For Love

  • You have no idea how fast my heart beats when I see you.
  • Bees love honey…people love money…but I LOVE YOU
  • No matter how “busy” a person is…if they really love, they will always find the time for you.!
  • You don't mean anything to me. You Mean Everything To Me.
  • When you love what you have, you have everything you need.
  • Love is not about how much u say “I love you” but how much u can prove that it’s true!
  • If you love something, set it free.
  • In the early morning when I wake up I want to see you in front of my eyes.....! (couple quotes)
  • Missing you is my hobby, caring for you is my job, making you happy is my duty and loving you is my life.
  • You give me the type of feeling, People Write Novels About.
  • I live for you. I breathe for you. And, I love you.
  • Why am I so afraid to lose u when I know you’re not even mine?
  • You are the first & last thing on my mind each & every time.
  • Thank God for merging our two souls together! I will love you till the end of the time baby.
  • I can’t promise to fix all your problems but I can promise you won’t have to face them all alone.
  • Love is when you look into someone's eye and see everything you ever need.
  • Thinking of you is easy, I do it every day in life. Missing you is the heartache that never goes away…
  • I like you when you smile. But I Love It When I’M The Reason.
  • Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me.
  • Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.
  • I lost my Heart Can Anybody See…?

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Funny Love Status,

Romantic Status, Sad Love Quotes

  • Don't KISS behind the garden. Love is blind but the neighbors aren't!
  • Keep Flirting And Stay Single. 
  • Don't break someone's heart, They have only one. Break Their Bones, They have 206 of them.
  • I and my best friends can communicate just with Face Expressions!
  • I don't have time to worry about who doesn't like me, I'm too busy loving people who love me!
  • Only two things can change a women's mood, 1) I Love you, 2) 50% Discount!  
  • Every Whatsapp status is a silent message for someone special.
  • I am Single, Ready to Mingle!
  • You are the second weird half, I Love Going Crazy With You!
  • I'm SINGLE Because I am saving myself for someone who deserves me!
  • FACEBOOK Daily Asks Me "What's on your mind?" How can I daily tell them your name!
  • No girls want a guy who FLIRTS with everyone!
  • Dear  Crush! A simple "hi" from you makes my day complete. 
  • Nothing enters my mind after you have occupied it.
  • Dear Crush! Please fall in love with me!
  • Every time my phone vibrates, I hope it's you!
  • The Doctor Says: There are only two options left, ICU Or U C Me!
  • Are you Wi-Fi, 'Cause I have a great connection!

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