What Is Privacy On Social Media? How To Control Your Privacy?

As we know today social media has become an inseparable part of our life. we spent much more time on social media to interacting with our friends, sharing photo, audio, video and other content. Sometimes we enter our personal information like email, passwords, bank account details, our address, locations etc on social media. At that moment the question of our privacy comes to mind. There may be many individuals in this world who can steal your personal information and use against you and many other things. That's why our privacy is more important to us and we should know about it.

Personal Info Privacy

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat became social group cornerstones. People love sharing their personal news and views concerning what’s occurring in their lives.
But stop and think for a moment. This information—some of that is extremely personal—is intensifying on the net. Outside of your trustworthy circle of friends and relatives, who else is viewing what you post? Spambots and even criminals may take an interest, too.
Most of the social media apps don’t charge a user fee. Hence, the sole manner they'll create cash is by commerce advertisements to its users. Facebook, for instance, uses user profiling techniques to show us ‘relevant’ advertisements. These adds are based on demographics, the brands we follow, and location among other things.

How to add privacy to social media

I think most millennials are aware of as they continue to use Facebook. But few square measures aware that commerce advertisements aren't the sole factor social media apps store the user information for.

Selling advertisements could be a major revenue channel, however not the sole manner social media firms create cash. Facebook holds the info of its billions of users. If you're a Facebook user, the algorithm of Facebook controls what you see on a daily basis.
From the news you browse, the brands that you simply buy, the book that you simply browse, the food that you eat – you name it. Facebook even keeps track of all the activities that you simply knock off the offline world even once you don’t share it on the platform.

Facebook archives each ikon, video upload, status update, and private message that you have ever sent. You can transfer your Facebook history simply by clicking on ‘Download a duplicate of your Facebook data’ within the settings page. Only Facebook is aware of why it cares to archive a message I sent in 2012.

How to make your social media account private

How to Control Your Privacy On Social Media

The easiest thanks to management this privacy hack is to altogether get obviate social media apps. In fact, the recent Facebook-Cambridge scandal has triggered #DeleteFacebook campaign leading millions to drop the platform.
However, this isn’t a good solution for someone like me. Being aloof from Facebook keeps the American state from connecting with friends back home. There’s a lot of things I wouldn’t be able to update myself on.
I believe a user has to take their privacy into their own hands and deliberate before sharing one thing on the social media platform. Moreover, a simple google search will tell you the ways of restricting your content sharing to the people you care about.

Add privacy to your social media account

Turn Off  Your Location

Besides this, you'll close up your location sharing. You’ll avoid giving reviews to businesses and places you visit and prevent Facebook Email and Phone Lookup.
I think the long run of social media apps depends on part on however they're keeping their users safe and protective their privacy. If the companies don’t care, the governments may have to step in by bringing in regulations.

Don't share any information about your bank, address and full name and location.

I strongly recommend you to don't share any kind of information about your full name, address, location, and about your bank, etc. Nowadays criminals find out some new ways to steal your private information on social media. It's better to always apply privacy to your social media account. By adding security and privacy to your social media account you can control who can access your profile. Only peoples you approve can access your profile. 

How to prevent your personal information

Avoid Clickbait And Fake News

Avoid clicking random things like “check that celebrity you look like” or “comment below and see the magic.” This is clickbait, and it’s just a trap to capture your private information and misuse it. Facebook isn’t taking any responsibility for third-party apps.

Often times, there are unverified articles on the newsfeed, especially political ones, that align with our biases and we tend to click them after reading the headline.

Not everything on the internet is factually correct. For example, not each quote that's attributed to Abraham Lincoln or Gandhi was really quoted by them. Remember: facts don’t care about your biases or feelings. So browse everything on Facebook with a pinch of salt.

Social media privacy

These are some important things about our privacy on social media and every social media user should know about. You can apply the things mentioned above to prevent yourself from criminals and others who you don't want to access your private information.

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