How do I edit, update, and delete a Facebook Status.

In today's world of social media, we should know for sure how to prevent our privacy from stealers. Today we use social media very much, so we should know how to protect ourselves. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, and almost everyone uses facebook today. So here are some privacy tips you should know to protect your private information.

 How to edit, update, and delete a Facebook Status.

Facebook privacy settings square measure a vital part of keeping teens safe from predators United Nations agency square measure everyplace simply expecting naive teens to introduce themselves. That's why you wish to use Facebook privacy settings to stay teens safe whereas they need fun on Facebook. These Facebook privacy settings can facilitate keep your teenaged safe on Facebook.
Facebook is an amazing place to spend time on the internet. With all the adorable features and gadgets, one could spend hours just playing around and having a good time. At the same time, they're conversing with their friends and keeping up with the latest gossip.
We know these don't seem to be the sole things which will happen on an internet site like Facebook. There square measure predators everyplace simply expecting naive teens to introduce themselves. That's why we want to search out the most effective ways in which to stay teens safe whereas they need fun on Facebook.

Changing Facebook Privacy Settings.

Here square measure some Facebook safety settings that you simply will use to stay strangers far from teens on Facebook. Before we will begin dynamic  Facebook privacy settings you'll have to induce to the correct page.
At the highest of your Facebook page, you'll see a link that says Settings. When you hold your mouse over that link a menu can pop. Click on Privacy Settings from that menu.
Now we're able to modification your Facebook privacy settings to stay your teens safe.

Who Can See Your Teen's Profile Information?

It's important to form positive that strangers ( peoples who are not on the friend list) cannot see your profile data. This includes such things as your photos, your personal information, videos you shared, their friend list, and anything else they may include on their profile.
To adjust your teen's Facebook profile security settings begin at the privacy settings page. Then click on the Profile link. From here you'll modification the privacy settings for your teen's Facebook profile. For the safest setting select the choice to permit solely friends to look at all of the settings on the page.

Who is able to see your Personal Information?

These square measure things like your teen's IM screen name, email address, website URL, address and phone number. There's no means you would like this data out there for all to examine. Go in and alter this Facebook privacy setting now.
From the Facebook privacy page once more click on Profile. This time conjointly clicks on the Contact data tab to vary these privacy settings. Change all the protection settings on this page to nobody for the foremost secure setting.

Who can see photos on your profile?

Don't let simply anyone see the photos your teenaged puts up. Teens wish to post photos of themselves and their friends, positively one thing you do not need a predator to examine. This is a setting you will have to show your teenaged to use, or go in occasionally and do yourself. Each picture has its own setting thus whenever a photograph is additional, the security setting will need to be changed.
To adjust individual picture settings on your teen's Facebook profile begin at the privacy settings page. Then, as before, click on the Profile link. Scroll down the page a small amount and you will see a link that says Edit picture Albums Privacy Settings; click on this link. Now select solely Friends because of the privacy setting for each picture to stay your teenaged safest.

Who can find your profile?

As a default setting on Facebook, anyone will do research and notice anyone else mistreatment Facebook's search tool. Keep individuals from finding your teen's profile within the 1st place by dynamic this Facebook privacy setting.
Starting from Facebook's privacy page click on Search. Where it shows Search Visibility, choose the options - Only Friends. Then below wherever it says Public Search Listing certify the box is unbridled. These settings can make sure that solely individuals on your teen's friend list are going to be able to notice him in a very search.

How people contact you?

When somebody comes across your teen's profile they will need to contact them for a few reasons. Maybe to raise to be added to her friend list or even to raise her a matter. You will management what that person can see on your teen's profile whereas they are there.
Starting from Facebook's privacy page click on Search. Then scroll all the way down to an all-time low of the page. There you will see the however will individuals Contact You section. Choose to compel strangers from seeing your teen's picture or their friend list. Then select whether or not to permit or compel individuals from adding you're teenaged as a fan. Most significantly, you'll have to make a decision whether or not you would like strangers to be able to contact your teenaged in the least.

These are some important things about our privacy on social media and every social media user should know about it. You can apply the things mentioned above to prevent yourself from criminals and others who you don't want to access your private information.

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